Our Projects
Our hotel complexes are located in the best locations and are in hige demand with in the tourist market, which makes them incredibly successful. Because of distinguished architecture and contemporary construction technologies, our projects become the face of Batumi and won numerous prestigious awards.
How to buy

The process of buying the property in Orbi group consists of following steps and takes just one day

  • Selecting of the apartments
  • Signing the contract (Representative offices in 6 countries
  • down payment from 10%, if necessary, a bank is available for you

In the completed projects the ownership registration takes less than an hour.


You can combine all of those steps by participating in company organized short property tour.

Property tour
Property tour by ORBI Group allows you to travel to Georgia to see for yourself all of the projects, meet with the management of the company and close the deal. If you purchase an apartment – the price of the tour is deducted from the sale price of the apartment.
Our Offer
Sustainable business
The payback period is estimated to be around 4 years., all our data is based on a 10-year observations. High demand, stable growth of tourism, no taxes on real estate and high liquidity of the apartments makes it the perfect conditions for an investment
Convenient terms
The purchased real estate is 100% your property. We offer loans to the citizens of any country with just a passport and 10% down payment. Property registration takes just one day and you can apply for the Georgian residence permit if you invest more than 35,000.00 USD
Financial guarantees
ORBI Group fund all of it’s projects with its own assets.
Our financial partner that provides the financing to our clients is one of the biggest banks in the Georgia – TBC Bank – It is the only Georgian financial institution that had an IPO on London’s Stock Exchange (LSE)
Top quality construction
Orbi Group always select the best contractors through international tender process. We use the highest quality materials and modern equipment in order to provide top quality construction.
All projects are in line with the contemporary standards for high-rise buildings. You can always follow the construction process on-line through our company’s web site.
Best projects in Georgia
Our projects have become the face of the new Batumi and Georgia. Our projects had won numerous prestigious international awards (FIABCI Prix d’Excellence (Panama, 2016), Международная звезда лидера качества (Paris, 2013), Best Georgian Brand (2012) and many others.)
Managing online
Management of your property is possible at a distance; with the help of our management company ORBI Group. These process are absolutely transparent and you control your business yourself, even if you are in another country. Convenient, reliable, profitable.
Why Georgia
Investing climate
As a result of reforms in various areas Georgia had succeed in creating favorable investment climate as well as great conditions for business development.
Georgia is considered as a politically stable, corruption-free investment destination with low business costs
Low taxes
According to Forbes and PWC report total tax burden in Georgia is just 16.4 %. Georgia is on the 9th place in the world and on 1 place in Europe in the ranking of the countries with the lowest taxes published on the site of Hyser.com
In 2014 Gallup Poll’s “Law and Order” report Georgia listed in top-10 safest countries in the world, while in the second half of 2016 Numbeo confirmed the Georgia’s status as the safest country in Europe and the 3-rd safest country in the world!There are only two countries where people feel safer than in Georgia – South Korea and Singapore. The safest European countries are Austria and Denmark – they are only on the 8th and 10th place respectively
Rule of law
In 2016’s rating published by independent public organization World Justice Project Georgia sits at the 1st place in the “Rule of the Law” index among Eastern Europe & Central Asia and in the top-30 in the global rating.
Ease of doing business
Globally, Georgia is the most improved country in terms of “Ease of Doing Business” over the past 12 years according to www.doingbusiness.org. During 12 years period output per capita in Georgia increased by 66% and business density more than tripled. Many factors contributed to this improvement in economic outcomes, and the effort to make it easier for local entrepreneurs to do business may have been one of them.
Tourism growth
The growth of tourism in Georgia shows three-digit figures a year. In 2016 almost 2 times more tourists came to Georgia than the number of residents.
Ministry of Economic and Sustainable development forecasting that number of tourists will at least double in the upcoming years reaching at least 11 millions annually.
Years of experience
ORBI Group has more than 20 years on the construction market, it has more than 10 successful and timely completed properties. Great work experience gives us confidence in the reliability and stability of our company.
Honesty and transparency
We freely provide the information about the company and conditions of purchasing.
You can easily supervise all our ongoing construction processes through our website.
High standards
The quality of construction and the quality of service in the sum give always only one result – a high quality of life. This is our high standard and our choice!
Professional team
We are confident in our projects, because we are professionals. ORBI Group attracts the best specialists from different countries for all directions of the company . We choose the best always!
Region’s leading company
Yes, we are the largest company of Georgia and the region in the field of construction and development, and we are proud of our scope. All our buildings are built only at the expense of own capital. We are engaged in very large-scale projects, which only the real market leader can afford!
Partnership in everything
75% of our customers return to us again. Do you know why? Because we value our partners and respect their interests. Our customers are confident in us, and we are confident in ourselves and that we are making the best projects in the world!
We are building a new Georgia!
About us
ORBI Group – the largest construction-development holding in Georgia, the first company in the region that started to build high-rise hotel complexes. For the past 20 years, more than 1.5 million square meters were built and the number of employees has reached 6000 people.
ORBI Group has offices in 6 countries. More details on the regional offices can be found below.