Property tour
This is the best way to see Georgia and learn about the different investments and living opportunities.
About the tour
The property tour by ORBI Group is the best way to combine business and pleasure. You can escape your daily routine and relax while getting all the information about our investments opportunities. Our tour package consists of air-fare to Batumi and back, accommodation at ORBI Group’s hotel, entertainment and excursions in Adjara region.

Aim of the tour
Introduce you ORBI Group’s investment offers
The ORBI Group’s team will demonstrate all of the benefits of investing in real estate in Batumi and will help you in selecting the right options for you. You will see first hand the different projects and will be able to close the deal the same day!
Show all the beauty of Batumi and Adjaria
You will spend several great days filled with different events at the shore of the black sea. The sea, the sun and the traditional Georgian hospitality. A professional team from the ORBI Group will be with you during your stay.
Open the new Georgia for you
You will learn about our beautiful country and Georgian economics – optimization of the tax system, financial and legal transparency, ease of doing business, growth of main economic indicators as well as an active growth of tourism and investments.
Safe your time and money
The property tour by the ORBI Group takes 4 days. You will not only have a great time but will also be able to make an investment. This is perfect for people with a busy work schedule. Also, when you buy an apartment, the cost of the Property tour will be deducted from the cost of the real estate, so the property tour will be absolutely free!
What to expect
Excursions in Batumi and Mountains of Ajara
During the property tour you will visit all of the famous attractions the city has to offer with the best tour guide in Batumi. You will walk through the old town, take a picture with the famous Ali and Nino monument that was listed as one of the top 15 unusual constructions worldwide. You will also take an excursion to the Botanical Garden and will take a ride through the city during the night time. The change in the city will leave you speechless.
Famous Georgian hospitality
The famous Georgian hospitality and cordiality of its citizens are the true face of Georgia. Everyday you will enjoy the best examples of Georgian cuisine, enjoy magnificent georgian wine along with the toasts from Georgian “Tamada” while watching the traditional georgian dancing. You will also witness the famous georgian polyphony.
Warm sea and gentle sun
In just 4 days, the clear Black Sea, the fresh air and warm sun will bring up your energy and leave you in a great mood. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much the Batumi’s climate will change you.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions
Our projects
Georgian’s modern architecture and the latest in building technologies have made our properties a growing trend in the field of foreign real estate. Batumi has won prestigious international awards for both their unique architecture and investment appeal.
ORBI Group has offices in 6 countries. More details on the regional offices can be found below.